Bawray Banjaray in Northeast enjoying a sunset

The Journey Of A Trip – Bawray Banjaray In Northeast | Trailer | 4K | Bawray Banjaray Web Series

They say traveling empowers you – that while on a trip, you get time for your inner selves, space to dump your egos and be aware of the freedom that comes along while you are on the ESCAPE! Real journeys bring with them their share of challenges and thoughts that force you to rethink whether you made the right decision, had the disagreements that you would really want to stand for, got disappointed for the right reasons and met the expectations that you had been vouching for all this along.

Each has got their own reasons and excuses to travel. To some, it offers an escape and to others, it means experiences and could mean many more for a whole lot of us traveling around. But what is a trip truly about? Is it the planning, the journey or the memories?

Ladies & Gentlemen, we bring to you the trailer for our upcoming series — The Journey Of A Trip – Bawray Banjaray In Northeast. Here, take a look!

On our 11-day #bawraybanjarayinnortheast expedition to the Northeast of India in December 2018,

we went exploring Majuli – the floating island district that is on verge of complete erosion in the next 15 years,

Besutiful sunset in Majuli

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…savored upon the best of Assamese food and hospitality in Karimganj – a village near Bangladesh border,
Assam Food Thali
…rocked it into the Hornbill,
Hornbill Festival entry
…and then meandered our ways into and through the famous root bridges into Meghalaya.
Bawray Banjaray at Living Root Bridge in Meghalaya

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It was not that simple! 6 people – all from different corners of India in a van, fighting their comforts to go out and film, hunting spots to pitch their tents every evening, and at the end of all, begin their mornings with the warmest of smiles. In the 5 episodes of this journey, we are trying to bring to you behind the scenes of a trip – a successful one, for sure!

bawray banjaray in meghalaya

Episodes are in production and we have tried to talk through what it takes to be able to go on a trip like this. From the very beginning of the idea till we came back – a missed flight, a couple of fights and all happy faces – guess that’s how a trip brings you home. North East India has been a true revelation for us and we hope we are able to translate that into the film.

Bawray Banjaray In North East Trailer

Till the time we are up with our first episode, do share and let us know how you liked the trailer. And yes, do subscribe to our YouTube channel and share the video.

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