Backpacking Trip To Harshil Valley Travel Series by Bawray Banjaray

Backpacking Trip To Harshil Valley | Episode 1 | Bawray Banjaray Travel Series

Backpacking is considered one of the most efficient and sustainable forms of travel. It rarely does contribute to mass tourism and brings in money to the interiors of a place. Backpacking implies an interesting milieu of intercultural exchanges and learnings. As one of the most ‘aware’ group of travelers and tourists, Backpackers help in reducing carbon footprints – thanks to their ‘jugaads’ and other ways of travel.

On our weekend backpacking trip to Harshil Valley in Garhwal Himalayas, we are trying to decode backpacking as a means of travel.

Writer: Pushkar Ranjan, Narendra Rathi
Narration: Pushkar Ranjan
Photographer: Oliur Rahman & Roopesh Nair
Cinematography: Oliur Rahman
Editor: Oliur Rahman

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