Villages Of Spiti Valley: A Bawray Banjaray Guide (Part 2)

The first circuit that we proposed for a trip to the villages in Spiti Valley had Kee, Chicham Khas, Kibber, Gette, and Tashigang. These villages can be visited in a day’s excursion from Kaza – the headquarters of Spiti.

To continue, here is the second circuit of villages in Spiti Valley that you can take to explore beyond the majestic landscapes and clouds.

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Langza: The one with the giant Buddha statue

Just like Kee village is always in the shadow of Kee monastery, Langza village is overshadowed by the grandeur of the Buddha statue. Langza has a total population of 158 people who live in 32 households. Langza is famous for the abundance of fossils which are said to be older than the Himalaya itself. Langza is considered to be a perfect spot for astrophotography.

How to reach Langza Village:

A right diversion on Kaza-Kee road leads the road to Langza. The distance of Langza from Kaza is 16 km. There aren’t a lot of public transport available but private taxis and shared taxis are available from Kaza easily.

Majestic view of Buddha in Langza village of Spiti valley

Best time to visit Langza:

Best time to visit Langza is during the time of pea farming and months of July to September when the weather is not so cold and there is a bit of green in the barrenness of Spiti valley.

Stay option in Langza Village:

There are plenty of homestays in Langza village and people of Langza are very much warmer than the cold air of the mountains.

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Hikkim: The one with the highest post office in the world

Hikkim post office is the highest post office of world

Hikkim is one of the most famous villages of Spiti Valley for it is home to the highest post office in the world. At an altitude of 4440 meters (14567 feet), Hikkim village is home to 195 people living in 39 households. Since its inception in 1983 Hikkim post is managed by Rinchen Chering and it is operating in his home only. With a view of Trans Himalaya in front and Chau Chau Kang Nilda in the back, Hikkim is definitely one of the best places to send a postcard to loved ones.

How to reach Hikkim Village:

The distance of Hikkim village from Kaza is 16 km and Langza is 4-5 km from Hikkim. There are taxis available from Kaza for Hikkim easily, both shared and private.

Best time to visit Hikkim:

Like all the villages of Spiti Valley, Hikkim is best visited in the month of July to September. Hikkim can be visited in winter months also.

Panoramic view of Hikkim village of Spiti Valley

Stay option in Hikkim village:

There are plenty of options available in Hikkim, there is a cafe right in front of the post office which can be contacted for any help regarding accommodation.

Komic: The highest motorable village of the world

Komic viilage sign board showing it as the highest motorable village in the world

One of the most iconic milestones in villages of Spiti valley reads “The highest motorable village of the world. Located at an altitude of 4587 meters, Langza village is home to 110 people who live in the highest motorable village in the world. Komic village and Komic Lundup Chemo or the Tangyud Monastery holds a very special place in villages of Spiti valley and Buddhism due to its mention in a prophecy. Komic name means “Eye of the Snowcock”, Ko meaning Snowcock and Mic means Eye. There is a stuffed snow leopard in the monastery.

How to reach Komic village:

Komic has located about 22 km from Kaza on the same road which goes to Langza and Hikkim. A private taxi or a hired bike from Kaza is the best option to reach Komic.

Komic monastery also known as Tangyud Monastery

Best time to visit Komic:

Komic village is best visited between the months of July and October, during the summer months and harvest season.

Stay options in Komic:

It is possible to stay overnight in Komic. There is a good restaurant there which serves some good fusion food, just beside the monastery. Plenty of stay options, people of the village have established some homestays.

Demul: An almost perfect village

How does one make a perfect equilibrium between keeping one’s village and its culture while keeping up with the rising demands of ever-increasing tourists in Spiti Valley? The residents of Demul village have adopted a system where half of the homes are to host tourists and the other half can do the same next year. So that no one can dominate the village and everyone in the village has an even chance of growing. The Demul village is nestled on a downward slope with 52 household and 279 residents. Demul is one of the must-visit villages of Spiti Valley so that we can experience a different and more sustainable model of tourism.

How to reach Demul:

The highest motorable road which goes to Komic village leads to Demul village too. After Komic it is a gravel and offroading which can be navigated by small cars easily. One can always trek up to reach Demul Village. The distance of Demul from Kaza is 32 km and from Komic it is 25 kilometers.

Best time to visit Demul:

The best time to come during harvest season. During winter months road access to Demul might not be open but one can always trek there.

Stay options in Demul:

Unlike all other villages of Spiti Valley where homestays are run on personal choice and have can choose from but in Demul one is allotted a homestay where one can not stay more than one night in one home.

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