Sunset over Spiti

Mountains of Spiti Valley: Our Fidus Achates On A 5 Day Road Trip

As the day rose, the sun soared and we throttled through the humongous mountains. They kept getting browner and desolate. When we rolled down our bikes from Gramphu on Leh Manali Highway towards Spiti Valley, we met these intimidating mountains. By the looks and size of it, they appeared unwelcoming and rude. As if they wouldn’t buzz. Like someone dead or somebody too powerful to care!

Chandra Bhaga series
Chhota Sigri Glacier as seen on the way to Spiti Valley

That moment to the days ahead, these mammoth structures kept moving with us, as if we were the trespassers being chased in their lands. They made it rain! They unleashed storms! And when the cold breeze was not piercing into our face, at times they summoned the sun!

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CB series
And then we were welcomed by mountains, as intimidating as this one.

The mountains tested us, tried us and in the verdict – we got an embrace! An embrace of the atavistic Himalayan mountains.

Bikers in Spiti Valley
People who can find beauty in everything. Our kind of people.

The nurturer pampered us with the sun and the shade. It grew generous over the next 5 days. It would whisper the best hymns through the breeze, lend ways through treacherous streams and kept us safe.

Mountains of Spiti Valley
Sometimes we just stood there and said nothing.

We eventually found a fidus Achates in what came across as inscrutable on first meeting. Those rude mountains from day one became the guides of our journey into this barren land.

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Bikers in Spiti Valley
Roads were testing but fulfilling.

As if the land were the life and these mountains, as mentors, were teaching you lessons that one seldom gets to learn otherwise – humility, relevance, acceptance, pride, required arrogance, vision and the list would go on!

Curves of Spiti river
Curves of river are our favorite curves.

We entered Spiti Valley with all that we are and returned purged of all that keeps us from accepting the way things are – like them mountains! What is your story of the mountains? Tell us in the comments below.

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