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About Us

Bawray Banjaray – Who Are We?

We are 5 friends who bond over a common passion for travelling and sharing stories.

Bawray Banjaray
Who we are and what we do

What Do We Do

We travel. We meet people. We make stories and films of our travels to some of the most unheard locations in different parts of India – thus promoting and bringing in tourism in such regions. Our films and stories also create awareness about the sustainable means of travel and environmental hazards.

Our Films

For us, its about telling our stories of experiencing a trip. Apart from the regular vlogs and promotional videos, we strive to create films and stories with a concept to sell. We did a series on Backpacking where Harshil was the location. We are currently working on two travel series – Journey Of A Trip – Bawray Banjaray In North East (Episodes Releasing December 2019 )& Le Ladakh – The Travelling Carnival (Trailer to be released August 2019). We have also worked for a handful of agencies including Himachal Tourism.

The Journey Of A Trip – Bawray Bnjaray In North East | Trailer | Travel Series

That Harshil Weekend – Decoding Backpacking | A Bawray Bajaray Travel Series

Safarnaame – Bawray Banjaray Shorts

Our Travels

Ever seen a firefly blinking in the silence of the night?

At times, we identify ourselves with a firefly and silence on some others. The places we go to, act as the nights that ignite both of our sides. We never question nature because we are scared to know the answer. We left, we came back, we left again, we came back again and this has now become a routine – a routine through which we are trying to explore the ways and means of Concept Travel in India.

Together, we have been professionally traveling for around 10 years. The geographies that we have explored around include the Himalayas, The Northern Plains, North Eastern Hills of India, and some parts of southern India.

Among the conceptual expeditions that we have made recently are

  • A 12 Days self-supported Expedition To Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Assam.
  • A 15 Days self-supported expedition to Ladakh with 10 international artists and performers including a clown.

What Do We Get

With the help of our stories and films, we have also enabled the natives and locals of the lands we have travelled to. In our attempt to give it back to the community, we started enabling the people in unheard destinations with hospitality skills. With budget accommodation facilities at the home of the locals, this 2 years of this small venture have got us to know and host almost 4000 guests from around the globe.

We have moved on from just one home in 2017 to 19 listings on Airbnb today. The guests are business interests for sure, but we do not limit ourselves to the revenue that we extract from hospitality. We take our homes to be the offline representatives of our products, which range from trekking and camping packages to locally produced handicrafts and edibles that come from nature in these lands.

Our Presence in the Travel MarketFacebook, Instagram, YouTube

Our team, collectively, has traveled to almost every corner of India, has had hands-on experience of working with Travel Agencies (both private and public), and are widely recognized in the Travel communities, both offline and online. We are in direct control of around 700,000 travelers/prospective leads through social media channels and our website. Our own social media platforms enjoy the support of close to 50,000 (all organic) strong community.

Write to us at for collab and other inquiries.

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