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Bawray Banjaray crossing Gadsar Pass

Night Out At Kishansar and Vishansar Lakes – Kashmir Great Lakes

पहुंचे तो पता चला कि यहाँ झील के आस-पास टेंट नहीं लगा सकते – सरकारी ऑर्डर है (क्योंकि यहाँ भूत आते हैं – ऐसा लोग कहते हैं )! लो भाई, अब क्या करें!

Bawray Banjaray at Triund Trek

Travel Triund – A Trek too poetic!

Have you ever wondered if wandering can be poetic? If no, then Trying Triund should be first in your trek-list. A trek so serene and tranquil with ways so poetic that every single step of yours seems to create music. The Triund top is best known for its quietude which […]

The BUddhist structures at the Kunzum Mata Temple

The Kunzum Mata Temple – Blessings Personified in Spiti Valley

There are pilgrimages of the sorts of Kedarnath, Badrinath, and others. Then there is this – an entry point where the flags fly free of all the differences; the mountains overlook with utmost peace and serenity and a small temple – with the deity waiting for you in the solace of whirl-pooling winds and roaring silence.